I finished The Gospel of Food:Why We Should Stop Worrying and Enjoy What We Eat  by Barry Glassner last night. It was an interesting read. I am all about eating what I want, so I thought this book would just confirm for me what I already believe. For the most part it did. There were times that I didn’t agree with Glassner, but for the most part I like the guy. To top it off I learned a lot.

Glassner spends some time talking about the food industry and how they play us with different studies. Do you need to promote a food product? Let us find a study that will back up the consumer’s need for this food. Hmmm.. you say? That is what I said too. Glassner spends a lot of time on the Nurses Study. He talks a lot about the faults with such a study, and if you just tweak a number slightly the results of the study changes. I just love these conspiracy theories.

He spends a lot of time discussing the resturant business and food critics. I didn’t spend a lot of time reading that chapter because, let’s face it, I will probably never eat in any of the four star resturants he talks about.

McDonalds squeaked by with almost a whole chapter. I have to say this chapter probably impressed me the most. He didn’t slam McDonalds into the pavement like a lot of “what should I eat” books. He doesn’t recommend living on McDonalds, but does understand that there is a place for it. Where else can you feed your family, let the kids burn off their lunch, and have a clean kitchen when you get home for $20? See? You are starting to like the guy too, aren’t you?

He also spends an entire chapter on the weight issue of Americans. He discusses many studies that could have the answer. I won’t tell you what he thinks in case you want to read the book.

What was the number one thing that I learned from this book? That pizza really isn’t that bad. It does contain all the food groups. I like pizza. The kids like pizza. Am I a horrible mother for serving my kids pizza? Nope. In fact, we are going to have pizza tonight and there will be no guilt. Ok, that probably wasn’t the number one thing, but it was my favorite. 🙂