This is what people in the northwest call a weather system that carries warm temperatures, strong winds and lots of rain. It usually originates near Hawaii and even though it has a cutsy name it packs a very nasty punch.

Saturday we had cold temperatures and snow. Some places in my county had 6 inches of snow. We only had about 1 inch, but it was enough for the kids to get excited and for me to get in the Christmas mood. Then, Sunday arrived and with it the Pineapple Express.  Snow on the ground, warm temperatures, and rain do not mix well and for some reason my county has been the hardest hit. We received over 10 inches of rain from Sunday night until Monday night. What happens when an area that usually never goes over 2 inches of rain in a day gets 10 inches of rain at one time? Washed out roads, flooding, sinkholes, and lots of problems.

I have never seen it like this in my  home town. My dad has lived here all of his 63 years and never seen it like this. Usually when the news talks about flooding in the northwest we don’t have to worry. It is those who live near the large rivers that have to worry. That wasn’t to be the case this time. Normally small creeks turned into raging streams that washed out roads or overran their banks into people’s yards. Raging streams, road runoff and a high tide brought the shoreline to the front doors of many homes.

My dad has pumped nearly 2,000 gallons of water out of his basement and he is not unique. Thankfully, that is the closest that I have come to any damage. It is still raining here today. We still have some winds from the storm, so we could still lose power. I pray we don’t. We all know how I get when I don’t have power.

So, if you hear about a Pineapple Express on the news, don’t let the charming name fool you. It is a nasty storm that packs a nasty punch.