I was talking on the phone with my mother when I hear my little guy run into the house screaming.

“Mooom! Help! Snowflake is stuck in the tree! Come fast! Hurry, mom!”

I told my mom that I would have to call her back, and I went to look for the camera. Snowflake isn’t our cat. Snowflake is a Webkinz. A Webkinz that my little guy is extremely attached to. It is a great marketing technique, really. You pay $12 for a little stuffed animal and then you get to go online and do all kinds of fun stuff with this animal. You get to name it, and feed it and buy it clothes. All with play money that you get for playing corny games and doing “odd jobs” around the site. As I sit here and think about it, it is kind of creepy, but 2 of my kids are hopelessly addicted. I don’t think that it is a big deal. I mean, I sit here and blog, don’t I?  Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes. Snowflake is stuck in the tree.

The little guy is in a panic now because I can’t find the camera.

“Mooom! You have to hurry! He is really, really stuck!!”

Deep breaths, my dear boy, there is hope for Snowflake.



“Get the ladder, Mom! Quit taking pictures, please. He is stuck!”

It was quite comical. He really wasn’t that far up in the tree. I couldn’t reach him, but I knew that I could get him down easily enough. I went into the garage and got the rake. I took my time and pretended that it was going to be very difficult getting Snowflake out of the tree. I faked missing him a couple of times, and then made a huge production of getting him out of the tree. (We moms have to make some of the easy jobs look tougher than they are. I mean, really, do we ever get any credit for the really tough stuff? You know, like teaching them to wash their hands after going to the bathroom? Of course not, so take it where you can get it.)

I wish I had a picture of the reunion. You would have thought they had been seperated for 5 days instead of 5 minutes. But, it was sweet and I got lots of hugs for the rescue. I was a hero! I was Mom of the Year for the second month in a row! I could do no wrong in the eyes of my little one. Life was good. *pause for a moment of reflection*

Then he found out what was for dinner. Ah, well, there will be a next time. There always is.