Unfortunately, fall in my area is lack luster. The leaves of the few deciduous trees that we have do change color, but we mostly just get yellow and brown. Some years are better than others depending on the weather, but this year we have had a lot of rain and cloudy days meaning it is a yellow and brown year.  Still, I love the fall and when we Northwesterners get a nice fall day we take advantage of it.


So, you see? Not much in the way of color, but it is still very pretty. Notice the size of the leaves. You are looking up at the top of a Big Leaf Maple (acer macrophyllum). The tree gets it name honestly.


See? I am not kidding. That is one leaf. One. The stem on the leaf is about the size of a small stick. We have family competitions to see who can bring back the largest leaf. The little guy won this time. The leaf was larger than his head.

The fruit of this very cool tree comes in the form of “winged” seeds. I wish I had a picture. When I was a kid we called them helicopters. We would throw them in the air to watch them float to the ground. It was even better when the wind would blow lots of them down at one time and we would try to catch them. Oh, the good ‘ole days.

Even though fall is about the beautiful colors and falling leaves, I would be remiss in my duties as a resident of the Evergreen State if I didn’t share at least one picture of an evergreen tree.


There you go. That tree that my kiddos are standing next to is a Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii). They are a very tall tree as you can see. Many Christmas trees are a variation of the Douglas Fir. Did you know that the Christmas tree in your living room could get so tall? They don’t look as pretty as a Christmas tree when they grow to this height. They lose their lower branches and make a canopy over the forest floor with just a handful of upper branches. Still they are a very cool tree.  When we have a large wind storm it smells like Christmas around here. It is like an outdoor air freshner. 🙂

Even if we don’t have the colors, we still have fall. It is chilly and windy and we have lots of rain. I am not complaining. Fall is still my favorite season.