We went to the fair this past week. My hubby is on leave and we took advantage of the military appreciation day. We braved the rain and didn’t complain since we got in free. I don’t mind the rain. I was too happy that we got in free and I would be able to spend that extra money on food! 🙂

So, first stop was for elephant ears. These are usually my favorite. However, this year they move to the bottom of my list. The fair decided this year that no one could use trans fats in preparing their food. Healthy, yes. Tasty, no. Please raise your hand if you go to the fair to eat healthy food. Anyone? Hello? No one? Yes, that is what I thought. I don’t go to the fair to eat healthy food.  I want deep fried everything. Well, not only were my elephant ears prepared sans trans fat, they were prepared with whole wheat! What are they trying to do to me? I eat whole wheat 364 days a year. I would just like my elephant ears prepared with flour that has been stripped of all its nutrients. That is what makes them taste so good. Unfortunately, the fair committee did not ask my opinion and so they tasted like tortillas covered in sugar. I could have done that at home for far less money. Such a disappointment.

Ah, but there was still good food to be had. I had curly fries, and mozzerella cheese sticks. I split a BBQ sandwhich with my son and I had a giant ice cream cone. One more stop for curly fries on the way out the door and my fried food fest had come to a close. It was grand.

There was more to do at the fair than just eat. We walked through all the barns and stopped to milk a ceramic cow.


Here is my hubby setting the example. Isn’t he a great dad? The kids wouldn’t touch the thing so he went first. My little guy decided to give it a try when he found out that he would get free chocolate milk after he tried it. I did milk the cow, but I put the camera back in the bag before I sat down. (haha)

I also had to find the flowers. I wanted to see the prize winning dahlias. There were some very beautiful dahlias. There are so many different types of dahlias. There was one company selling tubers and I wanted one of everything. I took this picture so I could remember the names of some of the ones that I liked.


I have got a bunch more, but I won’t bore you. I did forget to show you a picture of my dahlia in full bloom.


Here it is. Isn’t she a beauty? I am very proud of this flower. There are a bunch of blooms on the plant now. It will bloom for about another 2-3 weeks and then it will start looking very sad and then die for the winter and return again in May.

Well, that was off topic, but I wanted to share. We also walked through the handicraft building at the fair. That was my favorite building. There really are some talented people in this world. I was amazed by the quilts, and the cross stitch. I paused at the knitting, but didn’t really look that hard because it isn’t really my thing. *snicker snicker*

That was the end of our day. The three beautiful, energetic children that had walked through the fair gates with me were gone. They had been replaced by sugar- crashing stinkers,  so hubby and I decided to grab them some more sugar and go home. Other than my initial elephant ear disappointment it was a great day.