There are some really nice things about having my husband home again. Well, besides the obvious *wink*.  I forget how much he does for me around here. I realized how much laundry he did about 3 weeks into the deployment when we all ran out of whites and the kids learned to seperate socks by pulling theirs out of the dryer. Yes, he does an immense amount of laundry. He even folds it and puts it away! He found the chair in my living room that I thought had disappeared. I come to find out that it was just buried under an immense pile of clean clothes. Who would’ve guessed?

He also pulled all the weeds and trimmed the bamboo that I refused to touch. Well, you see, it was getting so close to him coming home that I just figured that I would leave it for him because there might be snakes hiding in there. He isn’t afraid of snakes. Isn’t that cool? He just went in there like nobody’s business and it looks so nice now.

You know what else is nice? He will run to the grocery store if I need an onion for dinner. I don’t have to put my shoes on and run up there in the middle of cooking. Sometimes he will grab himself a little snack, but that is a small price to pay for not having to leave the house. Besides, the little snack is usually cheaper than the bottle of wine I would have grabbed. See? We are saving money with him home again.

*Sigh* I am so glad that he is home even if he does have to watch “Who’s Line” at night. It is all good.