There is something called the “Deployment Cycle”. It is a cycle of emotions that military members and spouses experience through a deployment. It is good to be aware of the cycle of emotions so that one will understand that their feelings are normal and so forth. I have taken the liberty of ammending the cycle of emotions to make it easier to understand. *cough cough* Here you go….

Pre-deployment: You lay in bed at night with your dear clinging to him for dear life. You can’t get close enough. If the bed were a twin size it would still seem too big. You realize that you are going to be sleeping all alone and you are sad.

Emotional Disorganization: He is gone. You are sad. You can barely bring yourself to climb into the big bed all by yourself. You don’t even use his side of the bed.  In the morning you notice that the decorative pillows have not even been disturbed. In fact, making the bed in the morning has never been easier. So sad.

Stabilization: Ahh..the bed is calling. You are so dog tired from handling everything all day every day for the past 3 months that you can’t wait to climb into that big bed. You grab your body pillows and the 3 other pillows you just bought and nestle yourself in the middle of the bed. It is neither too hot nor too cold. Heaven. You don’t even make the bed anymore. No one is going to see it anyway. It is possible for this cycle to last a number of months depending on the length of the deployment.

Pre-homecoming: You can’t sleep. You are just so dang excited to have him home that sleep eludes you. Tylenol PM helps, but you toss and turn. Thoughts of sharing the bed again make you feel extremely happy yet slightly unsettled.  You still don’t make the bed. You are too distracted and excited about the homecoming.

Homecoming: Mm. Hmm. Well, this needs no explanation. Gosh, it is good to have him home.

Re-integration: Oh. My. Goodness. Is it possible for him to stay on his side of the bed? You are contemplating getting some duck tape and taping a dividing line down the middle of the bed. Man alive! When did his feet get so cold? You are beginning to wonder if the mattress salesman lied and sold you a double bed instead of a queen. And what is up with all the blankets? It is August for crying out loud! What does he have against the body pillow anyway? Doesn’t he realize that it makes your back feel better? You are beginning to wonder how you slept side by side for the past umpteen years in the first place.

Normalcy: All better. The bed gets made in the morning and the fight over the blankets has returned to its normal level. It sure is nice to have him home. 🙂