My dad gave me this dahlia as a bulb. He had no idea what color it would be or what type of dahlia it was. I called it the “mystery dahlia”. I am getting kind of excited because it is going to bloom, and it is going to bloom well. It looks like it is going to be a spiky dahlia and it looks to be a purply-red color. I do not have a green thumb which makes this doubly exciting. I have other dahlias planted around my house, but they are not going to bloom. My dad’s are phenomenal and I can’t get mine to bud. Well, except this one. That is what makes it worth blogging about. Maybe it is doing so well because my dad handled it before I planted it. No, that can’t be it because I got it out of a bucket it the garage. Well, whatever the reason I am excited.Ā  I will post more pictures after it blooms.

Extra tidbit: My husband is in Hawaii. He may not be in the same time zone as me but at least he is in the same country! Woo hoo!!