I am excited! My husband is coming home! It has been long, and it has been hard. Did I mention that it has been long? I am so excited. I am a mess of nerves. I have so much to do to get ready. My bedroom is half painted. I took over his dresser while he was gone so I am going to have to clean out my clothes from there. I need to plan for dinners again. Taquitos aren’t going to cut it for him. I had a list of things that I was going to do this deployment. I was going to learn to knit. That didn’t happen. I was going to cross stitch a picture for my living room. I think I picked up the needle once. I was going to lose 5 pounds. Check. One thing that I actually did, but stress took care of that for me. There are a bunch of other things, but I can’t remember them now and it doesn’t matter anyway. It is all good.

I can’t wait to have him home again. I will post pictures of our homecoming when he gets here.