I had to take my little guy to the doctor today. He saw his physiatrist today. He was supposed to see his neurologist today too, but I messed that up. He will see him tomorrow. Anyway, Dr. C. was very pleased with the progress that Pikachu has made. He was very pleased to see him walking with a normal gait while he had his orthotics on. This is great news since we did not cast him this past summer the way Dr. C wanted. He was so pleased that I don’t think that we will be casting in September either! We still might. He is going to confer with the PT, but I am really believing that we may not have casts again. Also, he is not recommending anymore botox injections in the near future. (I am really doing the happy dance now! I wasn’t going to do them anyway, but still) We don’t even have to go back to see Dr. C for six months! This is huge.

Pikachu will be casted for new orthotics sometime at the end of this month, but that is Ok. That is a “put it on and take it off”. He does need his orthotics still. He will not walk on his flat feet without them, but I really feel like we are making progress!