It was my birthday last week and my kids surprised me with balloons on my lawn. My friend/neighbor helped them do it. They attached balloons to skewers and stuck it in my grass so that when I went to get the paper I would be surprised.


 I guess my little guy had a really hard time being quiet. They had to keep shooshing him. My oldest was so concerned that the surprise would be ruined. All the balloons popped as the day went on and the sun heated them up, but it was really cute.

 So, I had my birthday. At church when we celebrate our birthday we put our age in coins into this little church bank. I wouldn’t tell anyone my age, but I told them it was easy because I was only two coins. Oh. My. Goodness. I still had people asking me how old I was. Well, I can’t be 20 because I have a 12 year old. And I can’t be 50 because, really, I don’t look 50 yet. So, what is left? Maybe everyone should go back and study Saxon math. haha

 I have been busy. I have downloaded pretty much every song on David Nevue’s website and play them all every day. Oh yes. That reminds me. I need to have a word with everyone that plays his music on their blogs. I hold all of you responsible for my current addiction. I am sure that he appreciates it as I have helped him buy his new car this month, but my checkbook is a little lighter. I can’t seem to help myself. There is something about the instant gratification that comes with his music. I buy it. I print it out. It takes me about 30 minutes and I can play it. Folks, it doesn’t get much better than that.

We start school on Monday. You can’t hear me, but I am laughing. Hard. I still have all of last year’s mess in the school cabinet. I have flipped through their books. They look good. Pretty much the same as last year only a little harder. I will get serious, though. I like to work under pressure.

Hence, my VBS week. Oh my. VBS had been hanging over my head for two months, but it is OVER! Let us yell a collective “WEE HA!” Oh, yeah. I was the storyteller this year and it was fun. It was a lot of work and of course since I work better under pressure  I waited until the last minute. I did have a good time and it came out swell. I got lots of good advice from the kids about how to make the scenery better.  Only one kid cried and I even got a marriage proposal(from a 12 year old). I think that makes for a very good week.

So, this is how I have been spending my time. I have a lot to do for the rest of the month. And now that we have learned that I enjoy working under pressure, I will wait until the very last week to tackle it all. Until then I will play piano and be happy.  I hope that you are all having a terrific summer.

edited to add: Oh man! I realized that I have a book to read by Tuesday for my book club. I have three days. I will be fine, but it is going to seriously cut into my piano playing. Ugh.