I updated my sidebar with some of the books that I have been reading. I am a reader. I have always been a reader. I would read away my summers as a child. As an adult, I read every free minute. My husband and I would read together until he got tired of listening to me flip the pages so fast. But really, when there are so many books in this world to read you have to learn speed, my dear readers. So, he gave up and just learned to sleep with the light on. Isn’t he a terrific husband?

Unfortunately, in the past year or two, I have not been reading. I could barely hold my attention past the first chapter of many books. It really bothered me. It made my husband nervous. He was getting to fall asleep in the dark again. Something was not right. It bothered me too. There are so many books to read and I wanted to read them. I had them stacked on my nightstand. I carried them home from the library by the armfuls. I went to used book stores and bought them. I even stood in line to get a new book signed by the author. All to no avail. The books just stared at me. I returned them to the library unread. The purchased books are still sitting in the book shelf. I do have books on the nightstand, but mainly because I like the look of them there. There is something about books on a nightstand that gives me comfort.  

Anyway! Whew! That got off track, didn’t it? I was going to tell you what books I am going to read this summer. I am reading again! Isn’t that wonderful? Isn’t it glorious? I think so too.

The ones I have read are in my sidebar. I think that I would like to read the following.

  • ~the Thursday Next novels. Any of them or as many as I can squeeze in.                    
  • ~The Once and Future King. I read this when I was a kid. Time for a re-read.
  • ~The Touch by Colleen McCullough. This got a thumbs up from a friend.
  • ~Something by Shakespeare. I don’t know which one, though. Thinking on that.
  • ~Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich. I have read them all.
  • ~The Count of Monte Cristo. by Alxander Dumas. I found out that I might be distantly related to him, so I have to read something by him.

I think that about covers it. I am hoping to have some company in a couple of months, so I can’t fill up my time too much. Plus, I also agreed to be the storyteller at our VBS. What was I thinking. Well, I am off to read. I hope that you also enjoy your summer reading adventures!