I went to visit my sister today. She doesn’t live that far away from me, so I don’t know why I don’t go and visit her more often. It was a fun day. The day always goes by so fast while I am there. The kids play nice and it is so cute to see my oldest and my daughter play with her youngest. My little guy and her girls get along so well.

That is exciting news that I got to spend the day with her, but her husband had a little present for me. He gave me a laptop to use. Now, if you knew what little, tiny desk I had to sit at, and how I had to bring a dining room table chair over to the computer to use it, you would really understand my excitement. This is so cool. He also gave me a router to use so that I can recline and surf and the same time. He set it all up for me, so all I had to do is come home and plug it in. Here I sit with my feet up, and type this blog post for you. Can you feel my excitement bursting from your computer screen? No? Well, it is. I am completely thrilled.

The other exciting news is for my oldest son. My sister planned a real dinner for him. I guess that I have not been a good mother in the dinner department. He told me last night that he was excited to visit his auntie because she would probably make them a real dinner. I was thinking, “What? Taquitos are not a real dinner? When did that happen?” Can I tell you how lousy that made me feel? Take my excitement over this new laptop and go to the opposite end of the scale. That is how I felt. He didn’t mean it like that at all, but I still felt bad. I need to step it up on the cooking, I suppose. Well, his auntie did not disappoint and we had a real dinner. That was his exciting news for the day.

Don’ t you just love days like this? Sunny days with your sister and fun presents. Yes, this was a good day.