I had a garage sale with a friend and her mom this past weekend. It was fun and interesting. You can meet some very interesting people while you are having a garage sale. Some of them are good interesting and some are not so good interesting.

For example, we had one gentleman come early on in the sale who was very interested in looking for old things. We learned a lot from him. He showed my mom’s friend all the details on her antiques and told her how to tell which weren’t antiques. He was intrigued in some old postcards from the early 1900’s. He paid for them and left. He had stayed close to 30 minutes. He was interesting to talk to. That would make him a good interesting.

There was another guy that came and bought a bag. He was buying a bag because he was going on a trip, but he could not tell us where he was going.  My friend’s mom is a genuinely friendly person and she loves making conversation with people. She was a little surprised that he told her that, but understood. Yet, even though he couldn’t tell us where he was going, he could tell us all about ESP and our body language. Yes, we all have radar, and we pick up signals from other human beings that we are not aware of.  Ummm…yeah. Maybe. But, it gets better. Did you know that if your throat is pulsing while you are talking to someone it means that you are attracted to that person? I was also unaware of this. Now, I am going to be all self-concious about my pulsing throat. Maybe I just need to cough and I don’t want to cough on you so my throat is pulsing. Or maybe I have a popcorn kernal stuck there and I am swallowing repeatedly to clear it. It could be a number of things. I highly doubt it is because I am attracted to you. This would be an example of a not so good interesting.

Then, there is the “you learn something new everyday” scenario. We had one woman come through with her friend that was just giddy and having a good time looking through all the stuff, but when she came to pay she started acting very strange. She started acting like she was going to throw up. She started to hyperventilate a little bit.  Her friend seemed very concerned for her. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. I kept thinking, “just pay for your stuff and go”, but she was insistant on standing there making signs as if she was going to lose her lunch. She finally asked to use the bathroom. My friend and I looked at each other.  She asked again if she could use the bathroom. Her hand motions were becoming more exaggerated and more alarming. We didn’t want to see her throw up all over the driveway, so I showed her the way to the bathroom. She was in there for quite a long time. She came out and gave us this huge long story about her anxiety and went on her way.

I bet you were wondering when your Public Service announcement was coming. Well, here it is. People will ask to use your bathroom to search for prescription medication.  They will take your medication and be on their merry way. They are usually looking for addictive type drugs such as Oxycotin and Vicadin.  I guess it is something that they do during open houses too. So, if you are selling your house, remove all of your prescription medications from the bathroom and keep them with you. This is what I learned new for that day. I would never have thought of people doing that. Of course, I would never ask to use someone’s bathroom either. I would make a mad dash for the nearest McDonalds or something.

The garage sale went pretty well though. I got rid of a bunch of junk, and made a little cash. I really do mean a little, but that isn’t why you have a garage sale anyway. Don’t worry, I won’t spend all my money in one place.