This will be the final installment of our low tide adventure. I thought that I had more pictures, but I apparently don’t. It really was a fun trip. We were the only ones on the beach except for one other gentleman who was looking for the Chinese Mitten Crab. It is an invader species to our area. Fortunately, he did not find any, but he turned over many large rocks that I would not have been able to turn which allowed us to find a lot of good stuff.

We found several baby sea stars, baby fish, and tons of rock crab. I really wanted to show you a picture of rock crab, but I can’t seem to find any. I suppose it is because they are pretty insignificant. Large ones will not fill up the palm of your hand. The kids love to catch them and carry them around.


My little guy actually found a horseshoe crab all by himself. He was very proud of himself. When he yelled at me that he had found one, I didn’t believe him. On closer look, I found that it really was a horseshoe crab. We have been reading Eric Carle’s book, A House for Hermit Crab, a lot lately, so this was a special find. He carried it around for awhile until the crab got smart and started taking off. I am just glad that he didn’t stick it in his pocket.


I have one last picture for you. This is just a sea star and not a very pretty one. Do you see all the green lumps around it? Those are the sea anemones that we like to squirt.  They are closed up right now to conserve their water. Anyway, I tried to take this sea star off the rock, but he was determined to stay attached. I decided to let him be. He was kind of slimy anyway.

Well, that is it, my friends. There is not another very low tide until the winter. I really don’t foresee myself walking along the rocky beach in the winter. It is kind of a bummer. It sure is fun to see what one can find.