Thank you, Donna, for the fabulous title of this entry. You had me cracking up! Sheri’s BBQ squid made me laugh too. However, Barbra-Sue was correct! It is a sea cucumber. Let us take another look, shall we?


Man, that is not an attractive picture, is it? Sea cucumbers are actually helpful sea creatures. They are releated to the sea star. Although, I like the sea stars much better. They are scavengers of the sea floor. They eat the decaying debris and other gross stuff in the water. They do have a protective mechanism. If they are squeezed they will shoot out their insides onto their attacker and then grow new ones for themselves.  Lovely, isn’t it? Sea cucumbers are eaten in some parts of Asia such as Singapore. I am pleased to report, however, that I never had the opportunity to taste a sea cucumber while I lived there. I also found that the residents of Palau will step on sea cucumbers to make them squirt and then cover their feet in it to walk more easily on the ocean floor. I guess my squirting sea anemones wasn’t so bad after all.


Here is a picture of our friend, Mr. Sea Cucumber, after the tide has started to come back in. He is not as swollen and even resembles a sea cucumber. I was so disappointed in my children. They would not pick him up. He was pretty slimy, though, I do have to say. Ok, I didn’t pick him up, either. Now, I am glad that I didn’t. He may have squirted his insides all over me. I shudder to think of that. Eww..