We had another very low tide in our area last week. I mentioned it to the kiddos and they wanted to go to the beach again. I was very pleased to hear that. I didn’t ruin them with our last trip, after all. The weather was better for this trip. It wasn’t warm, but it wasn’t raining either. We found a lot of good stuff this trip, and I have a lot of neat pictures.


I wasn’t really quite sure what this was at first, but I am pretty sure that it is a sea anemone that is hanging upside down from the bottom ofย a rock. This one is larger than the ones we usually see along the beach. It is also open slightly because it is partially under the water so you can see its “feathers” (I am not sure what those are called. I will have to research that later).ย  My kids thought it looked like a giant booger hanging from a rock. Silly kids.


Here is another picture of sea anemones that are hanging from a large rock. This rock is usually covered by water. You can tell by the large amounts of sea weed hanging from the rock. I know because we usually can not see this rock when we are at the beach.ย  The arrows are pointing to two large, purple sea stars that have attached themselves to the rock. I couldn’t get closer to the rock like I wanted because the water was still around it and there was a good amount of kelp floating around. It doesn’t matter to me that kelp and sea weed are only plants. They are slimy and icky when wet.


I leave you with this last picture. Do you have any idea what this might be?

Answers tomorrow.