Well, I wrote the other day of our rainy day fun.  It really was a fun day. In the comment section Appliejuice  asked, “How do we make the sea urchins squirt?” Because it is so much fun, I went hunting for a picture of a sea urchin. I happily googled “sea urchin” only to discover that what we were squirting weren’t sea urchins at all. The horrors! I am so upset by this. I really try to be accurate when making my posts. 

I wasn’t that far off. Of course, if you ask the sea urchin it may not agree with me. What we were squirting were actually sea anemones. They are green, squishy creatures that close up when the tide goes out. I actually did know that part. I also knew that if you apply gentle pressure to the side of the sea anemone it will squirt. We did see the sea urchins. I just thought that green, squishy creatures and the sea urchins were the same creatures only different colors and types.

 So, now I am educated. I am so sorry that I gave you false information. Please forgive me. I will most heartily try to be more accurate in the future.