We went beachcombing the other day. We had a low tide and we decided to go down and search the beach to see what we could find. It rained on us, but we didn’t care. Ok, I didn’t care.  I had to keep reminding the kids that they aren’t made of sugar. They aren’t going to melt. Sheesh.

 It got better when we started finding things. This was the smallest of the sea stars that we found. We found a huge basket sea star. It was upside down. I don’t think that is a good thing for a sea star. It was still alive though. I wasn’t about to turn it over. It looked kind of scary and heavy.  Ok, so we all have our little issues. 

We also had fun making sea urchins squirt. That really got the kids attention. I think that my girl had the best distance in the squirting department. It is also fun to feed them parts of crabs. Well, fun may not be the right word. It is a learning experiment. This is nature, after all. It is survival of the fittest and all that. We just help it along.

The day ended when my oldest finally started getting adventurous and climbed a large rock. Seaweed+rain=very slippery. He sliced his hand on some barnacles. So, we went home to soak his hand in some H2O2. (If anyone can help me with the whole subscript thing that would be fantastic!)