It is just busy over here, and, truthfully, I like it that way. It is a good busy. We have a lot of the end of the year stuff going on. Piano recitals are coming up and the last day of co-op. I am excited about those.

The kids have also been participating in a track and field club that is local. They are having a good time. It is low key and low stress. No one throws tomatoes if they miss practice and everyone is encouraging. Parents have to be involved, but it isn’t more than I can handle. My kids have not been active in sports before so this is all new for them. I think it has been good for them to be a part of something. I am very proud of them for trying something new. They have improved their times on their runs and my daughter is getting better at the long jump. It has also been very good exercise for them. I love to see them come home from track drained and tired. Now, if I could just convince myself to get out there. hmmm…nah.

We had a party a couple of weeks ago. It was a celebration of sorts. We went bowling and out to lunch. Then, we did a little shopping and came home and had pizza for dinner. A party is never complete without a cake and so we made cupcakes. We had to make cupcakes because we ate too much batter. That was fun. The kids loved it. I made myself sick on cake batter and everyone was happy.

Update on the kids. My son with braces is doing much better. He doesn’t fight me to wear his headgear. It seems that it has just become a part of him. Which is great! I am not sure what the deal is with my little guy. After this latest round of botox his AFO’s are not fitting him properly. He complains about wearing them and he begs to be out of them. He also develops a sore spot on one leg while he wears them. That is not good. I am not sure what the deal is there. He has not been wearing them quite so well the past couple of weeks.  His feet look great, though. I am just wondering if he is growing and the AFO’s  are getting too small for him.

Have I mentioned that I hate snakes? Well, I do. I have seen two of them in the past week. Have I mentioned that I live in town? Well, I do. I shouldn’t be seeing snakes in town. I don’t like snakes. It doesn’t matter that none of the snakes in my area are non-poisnonous. I don’t like snakes. Fortunately, my kids don’t mind them. So, I made them do a “snake walk” for me before I cut the grass this evening. I do not like running the weed wacker and running into snakes. Did you know that snakes do not like weed wackers? Well, they don’t.  They will come towards you if you are accidentally trying to kill them with a weed wacker. Well, this one did anyway. Ewwwww…

So, I need so pictures on here I think. I am just rambling. Off to try and find a picture (you may hum the Jeopardy theme song here.)


Here you go. This is a picture of a sunset over the Olympic Mountain Range. It is beautiful, isn’t it? I get to see this all the time and I love it. I am not trying to make you jealous. Really. Ok, maybe a little. Is it working?

Well, this post is in honor of Sheri over at The Wolf Den.  I am here! I promise that I am here!