My kiddos started track this past week. It is a really neat program for all ages. They learn how to run and do all of the other aspects of track and field. My oldest was tackling the javelin throw at the last practice. That made me slightly nervous, but he did fine. Unfortunately, he has developed shin splints already. He must not have been stretching properly before running. He is not a runner and they did a lot of running the first two practices. I am very bummed that he got them. It is only on one leg, but it is still bad enough to keep him from running. He has been icing his leg and stretching now. A physical therapist gave us some good exercises for him to do. Will he do them? Well, that depends on how much nagging I do.

Speaking of nagging, I haven’t mentioned his headgear recently, either. I did promise to keep you updated on that. It doesn’t hurt anymore which is so wonderful, but getting him to put the dumb thing on is another story. I don’t see what the big deal is just to wear it while he plays playstation. How can it hurt? He isn’t getting his required hours in and that is a perfect way to do it. You sit there in front of the bube tube and don’t move. How can it be bothersome? I don’t know, but he complains and whines anyway. I am so tired of bugging him to wear it. On a positive note, he can put it on and take it off by himself now. That is nice.

Oh, and speaking of putting things on and taking them off, my little guy’s shoes that he wears with his AFO’s are falling apart. I am trying really hard to make them last, but when you wear them all day every day and you are a busy boy, you wear them out quickly. I was blessed with this pair of shoes. They are an expensive shoe, but worth the money if I have to buy him another pair.  It  would be so cool if he could learn to put them on by himself, but I don’t think that day is anywhere in the near future. At least I don’t have to nag him to wear his “special shoes”. He is so good and positive about the whole thing.

 And speaking of good and positive, my little girl is just so sweet. She is happy all the time. Well, unless I have crushed her with some kind of disappointment. She gets over it rather quickly, though. I wish I was like that. Sometimes I feel that she is being left out. All this attention on her brothers and she is stuck in the middle. God gave her the most wonderful temperment. Today was her birthday. She is 10 now. My little girl is growing up. Everyone tells her that she looks just like me. An old friend stopped by the other day took one look at her and said, “Oh, she is a little Tressa!” My girl just looked at her with an expression of “yeah, like I haven’t heard that one before.”  I do feel bad for her, really. Who wants to look like their mother anyway?

Happy Birthday to my favorite girl in the whole wide world!