So, everyone is going to think that I am a nerd, but I don’t care. I am going to talk about it anyway. I am going to be teaching basic Algebra at co-op next year. I am excited about it, but I wanted to refresh my memory of Algebra over the summer. A friend of mine loaned me her Saxon Algebra 1 book. I wasn’t going to look at it for awhile, but I drug it out this afternoon. I started working my way through the lessons.

Ok, this is where the nerdy part comes in. Read on at your own risk. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

Well, I started working the lessons. I was having so much fun! I worked my way through about lesson 50 when I had to start dinner. Honestly, I didn’t want to stop. I worked on a couple more lessons during dinner. The kids didn’t need me; they were watching cartoons. Basic algebra is so much fun. I love manipulating the equations around. I love factoring. Exponents are cool. Trionomials are fun. FOIL is my friend. I can’t wait until I get to the quadratic equation and functions.

I will be honest. There were some things that I really had to review, but it was still fun. I am going to find an Algebra 2 book when I am done with this one.

So, now you know that I am a nerd. Fortunately, I know someone that is more nerdy (or is it nerdier?)  than I am.