These are the words that I heard as my 5, almost 6, year old comes bounding out of the bathroom. I knew that he had been in the bathroom. I had just seen him doing the potty dance not five minutes before. I also heard him shut the bathroom door.

Eyebrows are now raised.

“Someone locked the bathroom?” I asked him. I suppose I should mention the other two kids were at the dining room table doing their school work.

“Yes, and I don’t know who did it!” He says to me and he puts his two hands in front of his mouth  with a mild look of shock and mischief on his face.

“Let us check out that door.”  Light’s on in the bathroom, but nobody is home. Yep, it is locked.

 There is not one, single, solitary hint of remorse on my son’s face. He is eagerly anticipating the shock that I am supposed to have when I realize the door is locked and no one is inside.

“Why did you lock the door and then close it?” I am actually quite calm. It is rather funny, but I don’t want him to realize that I think that.

“Oh, I didn’t do it.”


You know, I think this is all coming from the fact that he is truly believing that his stuffed Pikachu doll can actually move without assistance. His physical therapist played a little trick on him and moved his Pikachu stuffed creature without him knowing. I really think that he wants to believe that he moved on his own. Regardless, I was not going to play that game.

It was actually quite easy to unlock the door. I first thought I was going to have to pull the old credit card manuever, but it was pretty easy. I think that he was disappointed how quickly I was unable to lock it. I had to think of some kind of punishment.  I can’t have him think that he can run around locking doors on a whim. Ah, yes. He hadn’t done his copy work for the day.

“Little man, you are going to have to write sentences.”

I made him write “I will not lock doors.” three times.  Unfortunately, I think that he enjoyed it . I numbered his paper for him so that he would know what to do. He gave me an update on every line.

“Mommy, I am on chapter 1.”

“Mommy, I am on chapter 2.”

*Heavy sighs…*

It really is a good thing that he is so darn cute.