Ice cream was a staple in my house as a child. It was never the good ice cream. Sometimes it was even the ice milk. (Do they still make that stuff?)We didn’t care. We ate it up. I liked to stir and stir it until it was smooth and creamy. Then I would slowly, slowly  eat it. I could make my bowl of ice cream last through an entire episode of the Muppets. That was a great show, wasn’t it? Anyway, most of the time we kids usually ate it on Saturday nights, but I could always hear my parents opening the fridge all of the other nights of the week to get a bowl after we had gone to bed.  Oh, that was so maddening! How could they have ice cream without us? I just didn’t get it, but now I completely understand. It makes perfect sense. I like to sneak a big bowl of ice cream after my kids have gone to bed now. It is a family tradition.  It is kind of like green bean casserole at Thanksgiving.

I still love my ice cream. I don’t stir it up and make it all smooth anymore, but I can still make a bowl last a good, long time. I like the vanilla types of ice cream. I like chocolate in my ice cream, but I don’t like chocolate ice cream. I know it is going to make a lot of my lovely readers cringe, but I don’t like chocolate syrup on ice cream, either. Why people put yucky syrup on perfectly good ice cream is beyond me. Now, butterscotch, maybe. Depends on my mood. Give me a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough, or cake batter ice cream any day, or even moose tracks or something. Just don’t give me chocolate or strawberry. And what is with that Neopolitan stuff? No. Ice cream should not come in layers like that. I don’t even want to know how they make it look like that. Mixing the chocolate and the strawberry together is just wrong.

Why does ice cream make most people feel better? I say most, because if I said all, I know that there would be someone that would say that it doesn’t make them feel better. You know who you are.  So, for most of us, it does make us feel better. It cheers me when I am feeling a little blue. If my heart is hurting, which does seem to happen on occasion, it makes it feel a little bit better.  When I have a sore throat it is the first thing I reach for, and my son has discovered that when your teeth hurt, it is almost a miracle cure. Let us not even go into the ice cream and potato chip combo during pregnancy, but, hey,  it worked.

I just love ice cream. I just wish that it didn’t make me thirsty. Why does it do that? Weird.