My son had his braces put on today. I have taken pictures of him, but he asked me not to post them on here. I am not going to torture him anymore than his headgear already has, and I am going to abide by his request.

The actual putting on the braces was better than he had expected, but the headgear is making him miserable. I can sympathize because I had head gear at his age, too. The trick is learning how to sleep in the stupid thing. (Yes, I said stupid.) I am not above giving him a little benadryl to help him fall asleep. My heart just goes out to him because it is no fun and he just looks miserable, but I think he is trying not to complain.

If anyone has any ideas on how I can make this experience a little more bearable, I am all ears. I don’t remember my parents really helping me out, but I was being teased pretty viciously at school and the braces were a blessing for me. He doesn’t have that same problem. He doesn’t see the need for braces and so this is more of a chore for him.

I am not above bribery, either. I am thinking about making him a reward jar. He seems to be rolling in the money lately. I am sure he wouldn’t mind a little more cash.

So, any ideas?