Don’t these look yummy? I love Oreos. They should be named the Great American Cookie. These are double stuff, which make them even better. Remember when you were a kid and you would take apart 2 double stuffed Oreos and stick them together to make a quadruple stuffed Oreo? That was fun. I don’t plan on doing that tonight, but I do plan on eating all the cookies you see here. Oh, don’t worry, I won’t feel any guilt. There is no guilt when it comes to Oreos.

 Oreos are one of those foods where there is no need to read the label. You don’t need to read the label to know that they are not the best food for you. I don’t care how many calories or fat grams are in one of them. I don’t even want to know what they put in them to taste so good.  So, they aren’t low fat. That isn’t why you eat Oreos anyway. If I was concerned about what I was going to eat, I would have grabbed a banana or something.

 You must eat Oreos with a glass of milk. There is something about making them a little soggy before you eat them. You have to be careful not to make them too soggy or they fall off in your glass, and while they are still good, that just isn’t the best way to eat them. You must have at least half a glass of milk left when you are done with your cookies. It is just refreshing to have a few drinks of milk afterward, but it is always Ok to get more cookies if you have too much milk left.

Yes, I plan on eating all the cookies in this picture. Remember? No guilt.