I really had no intention of starting another blog. I miss my blog  from the DY website a lot, but the thought of starting another one was daunting.  It seems kind of silly to post my day to day thoughts for people to read, yet here I am. I am not sure what I am going to write about. I suppose I could write about myself, my husband, my kids, or the bamboo that I know is just waiting to come up again in my backyard. Time will tell. Whatever I decide to write about, I promise that it should be mildly interesting. Feel free to skim over the sections that do not interest you, and please comment on those that do.  I do love comments.

 My love picked the title of my blog for me. It is a play on words he tells me. It is cute. I like it. If you don’t get it, blame him.  He isn’t bothered by things like that. Whereas I might feel a little dejected and hurt because you don’t understand the title of my blog.  

 Oh, and just so you know, I had to look up the word “succumbed” in the dictionary. It is a cool word even if I wasn’t quite sure how to spell it.

That is that. I feel like I belong now. I am part of the crowd. No longer on the outside looking in. Life is good.